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TMMData Technology Powers Miles4Migrants’ Refugee Relocation Efforts

Leading data integration platform donates data management and backend web support to growing refugee relocation nonprofit


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (May 30,2017) -- TMMData, creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation, today announced its new partnership providing pro-bono data management and backend web technology to Miles4Migrants, a newly established 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Through the collaboration, TMMData’s comprehensive data platform Foundation is facilitating Miles4Migrants’ mission to distribute donated frequent flyer miles and funds to help refugees reach their new homes, and reunite families separated by conflict and persecution. 


TMMData Foundation has equipped Miles4Migrants with the technical tools to match donors with refugees, and to ensure that donors can contribute frequent flyer miles and funds seamlessly through the nonprofit’s website. Specifically, the platform’s data integration, automation and reporting tools power Miles4Migrants’ backend customer relationship management system. By integrating data from Miles4Migrants’ payment systems, frequent flyer mile partner systems and monetary donations, the TMMData Foundation platform helps automate refugee travel arrangement processes that would otherwise require manual and time-consuming record matching and donation management. As Miles4Migrants grows in reach, the automated organization-wide functionalities will also enable more swift donor communication and service to the refugees they seek to assist.


In addition to TMMData’s work with Miles4Migrants, its web-based platform has maximized the organizational efficiency of enterprise-level organizations in a range of industries including healthcare, finance and higher education, by helping them access, enrich and manage data from any source, and navigate complex data synthesis challenges.


“As Miles4Migrants scales in helping families worldwide, we’re honored to serve as the data management muscle it trusts to access, integrate, and prepare its rising flow of donor and organizational data,” said Bob Selfridge, founder and CEO of TMMData. “Our work together is proof that the same data and technology that help businesses run, universities function and governments serve, can also reunite a father with his child. We’re pleased to be an integral technology partner, helping to ensure refugees receive the travel assistance they need.”


Miles4Migrants was established in September 2016 and serves refugees, asylum seekers and immediate family members who are legally approved by receiving countries to travel for migration or family reunification purposes, but have financial constraints preventing them from purchasing airfare to do so.


“Our organization relies completely on the goodwill of others to function – from our frequent flyer donors, to our volunteer staff and directors – which is why we’re beyond grateful for TMMData’s pro-bono contributions and expertise in assisting with our technology needs,” said Seth Stanton, chairman and CEO of Miles4Migrants. “The efficient, reliable and seamless TMMData Foundation platform is establishing our organization’s digital infrastructure to help ensure families separated by conflict will soon be able to sit down and have dinner together again.”


In the past six months, the organization has booked flights for 28 refugees, helping 14 families reach their new homes. Hundreds of thousands of donated frequent flyer miles have reunited families from countries including Syria, Iraq, Iran, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine. To learn more about TMMData’s partnership with Miles4Migrants, visit


About TMMData

TMMData simplifies the movement and enrichment of data for analysis through its self-service data integration, preparation and management platform Foundation. A range of users – from marketers and analysts to developers and engineers – rely on TMMData’s enterprise-grade software to ingest data from any source, automate complex data synthesis and customize direct data outputs for delivery to any platform. Whether implemented in-cloud or on-premises, TMMData’s powerful data governance and taxonomy functionalities ensure data quality and protection of sensitive information across data environments.


TMMData Foundation powers the data supply chains of clients including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Pennsylvania State University, Expedia and others. TMMData was founded in 2008 outside of State College, Pa., and has additional offices in Philadelphia and Baltimore. For more information, visit


About Miles4Migrants

Miles4Migrants is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in late 2016 to help relocate refugees and victims of war and persecution into their new homes. Miles4Migrants serves refugees, asylum seekers, and their immediate family members who are legally approved by receiving countries to travel for migration or family reunification purposes but have financial constraints preventing them from purchasing airfare. To learn more and donate miles or resources to the program, please visit



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