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TMMData Partners with ObservePoint to Bring Data Quality Verification to Digital Marketing Management

Premier data integration software connects with industry-leading tag auditing platform to allow users to confidently assess and improve campaign performance 

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (Mar. 28, 2017) -- TMMData, a premier provider of data integration, preparation and management software, today announced its partnership with data quality assurance platform ObservePoint. The companies’ deepened relationship aims to give enterprises complete confidence in the accuracy of their marketing information and analysis through automated data verification, integration and cleansing.

TMMData’s web-based software enables organizations including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Pennsylvania State University, among others, to address strategic data challenges and maximize organizational efficiency by automating the process of accessing, aggregating, enriching and managing data from any source, including an out-of-the-box integration with ObservePoint.

The companies’ combined services and software can integrate verified website tag information with any number of other data sets to accurately inform your business intelligence. TMMData’s integration of campaign management and tracking information from any source, including Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint validation data, allows marketers to see their web analytics and web tagging quality metrics side-by-side. When ObservePoint validation monitoring alerts a user to a tagging issue, TMMData can integrate the alert into an automated workflow that creates a job to address the problem..

“This is such a natural partnership because our missions are so similar: automating prep processes so analysts can truly focus on data analysis rather than data housekeeping,” said Bob Selfridge, founder and CEO of TMMData. “Alongside ObservePoint, we are arming marketers and analysts with the ability to bring all the information they need into one place and automate data interactions, quality checks and alerts. The result is confident, informed decision-making.”

“Digital marketing moves at a dizzying pace, with new landing pages, campaigns and assets launching daily. Those assets gather tons of potentially useful data, but ObservePoint is committed to making sure they give you good data,” said Adam Gilbert, ObservePoint’s director of strategic partnerships. “Our focus on automating quality checks to ensure you’re basing decisions on trustworthy data aligns seamlessly with TMMData’s mission. We’re excited to continue bringing data quality to the forefront of the analytics conversation with TMMData.”


In addition to their new partnership, both TMMData and ObservePoint share status as Adobe Partners and Digital Analytics Association corporate members. TMMData CEO Selfridge was a featured speaker at ObservePoint’s inaugural virtual Analytics Summit in November 2016, where he discussed how a self-service access model for data integration and preparation processes elevates an organization's data analysis capabilities. To learn more about TMMData, visit


About TMMData

TMMData simplifies the movement and enrichment of data for analysis through its self-service data integration, preparation and management software. A range of users – from marketers and analysts to developers and engineers – rely on TMMData’s enterprise-grade software to ingest data from any source, automate complex data synthesis and customize direct data outputs for delivery to any platform. Whether implemented in-cloud or on-premises, TMMData’s powerful data governance and taxonomy functionalities ensure data quality and protection of sensitive information across data environments.”


TMMData software powers the data supply chains of clients including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Pennsylvania State University, Expedia and others. TMMData was founded in 2008 outside of State College, Pa., and has additional offices in Philadelphia and Baltimore. For more information, visit


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