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TMMData Foundation Platform Unlocks Data Management for Business Users with One-Stop Self-Service Interface

New single-screen tools give users across the enterprise the ability to integrate, prep and transform data without lifting their heads

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (May 1, 2017) -- TMMData, creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation, unveiled new single-screen views of its core data management functionalities that make self-service data access, blending, preparation and visualization simple for business users. Foundation’s Flow, Fix and Flare tools have been redesigned to allow any line-of-business user, from leadership to marketers to analysts, to seamlessly and quickly complete data manipulations in a single tool interface, democratizing data analysis across enterprises.

"We’re empowering virtually any member of any team in an organization to use data to improve processes, drive decision-making and ultimately impact bottom lines,” said Bob Selfridge, TMMData founder and CEO. “Foundation’s new single-screen tools make data processes that used to require the help of database analysts not just possible, but easy and quick for any business user to complete via our self-service, single-screen Flow, Fix, and Flare tools."

TMMData’s Foundation platform enables organizations including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Pennsylvania State University, among others, to address strategic data challenges and maximize organizational efficiency by automating the process of accessing, aggregating, enriching and managing data from any source. Foundation’s newly redesigned tools further simplify data management processes by creating a one-stop self-service interface where users of varying technical abilities can complete data work without switching between multiple platforms and interfaces.

Highlights of Foundation’s newly redesigned self-service tool interfaces include:

Flow: Data access and blending

Flow is Foundation’s self-service data integration, transformation and delivery tool. Using Flow’s drag-and-drop interface, business users can automate the processes of accessing, blending and transforming data from nearly any online or offline source, as well as the direct delivery of prepped data to virtually any external platform, including Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI. Cleansing and moving data has never been easier for users of any technical proficiency than it is with Flow’s repeatable processes, alerts and single-screen interface.

Fix: Data preparation and reporting

Fix is Foundation’s self-service data preparation and reporting tool, which allows users to transform Flow’s cleansed, aggregated data into actionable data sets without switching between multiple applications. In the Fix tool, users can easily set filters, apply statistical functions, and enrich and contextualize data. Prepped data can be saved as “Fixed Views” for reporting, for analysis by popular analytics platforms, or to inform visualizations or repeatable workflows. The tool operates without ever altering the source data sets, ensuring the quality, integrity and security of institutional data.

Flare: Visualization and dashboards

Flare is Foundation’s self-service visualization and dashboarding tool, making it easy to explore and share data insights and proactively identify issues with data flow via visual representations of your data supply chain. Using “Fixed Views” of clean, prepped data, users can create a variety of dynamic charts, graphs and dashboards, and share or publish those insights. To highlight important points, users can add thoughts to graphs via text boxes laid over line charts, funnels, word clouds or any other visualization.

TMMData’s Foundation platform also features Form and File tools, which assist enterprises with data entry and governance, and data storage and management, respectively. To learn more about Foundation, visit


About TMMData

TMMData simplifies the movement and enrichment of data for analysis through its self-service data integration, preparation and management platform Foundation. A range of users – from marketers and analysts to developers and engineers – rely on TMMData’s enterprise-grade software to ingest data from any source, automate complex data synthesis and customize direct data outputs for delivery to any platform. Whether implemented in-cloud or on-premises, TMMData’s powerful data governance and taxonomy functionalities ensure data quality and protection of sensitive information across data environments.


TMMData Foundation powers the data supply chains of clients including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Pennsylvania State University, Expedia and others. TMMData was founded in 2008 outside of State College, Pa., and has additional offices in Philadelphia and Baltimore. For more information, visit


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