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Leading Machine Learning, Data Science, and Digital Analytics Events, Predictive Analytics World and eMetrics Summit, Coming to New York October 29 - November 2, 2017

October 17, 2017 | PRWeb


Data scientists and digital analysts in the business, marketing, healthcare, and financial services sectors can learn from industry leaders in four co-located analytics conferences from Rising Media and Prediction Impact, which will be held in New York City on October 29 - November 2, 2017.


... The four analytics events will share an exhibition hall. Sponsors include Datarobot, diwo, Dun & Bradstreet, The Trade Desk, DatabaseUSA, UCI Division of Continuing Education, MEE, Inc., Elder Research, Digital Analytics Association, Heap Analytics, Dataiku, ObservePoint, AT Internet, Klipfolio, Strala, Inc., TMMData, Inc., and West Virginia University College of Business & Economics.

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Synthio Partners with TMMData to Offer Triple-Validated Contact Data

October 5, 2017 | TheStreet


Fastest growing data-as-a-service platform teams up with premier data integration platform to allow users to enrich, clean and grow their contact database to improve their overall marketing strategy.


Synthio, formerly known as Social123, the fastest growing data-as-a-service platform, today announced its partnership with TMMData, a premier creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation. The relationship aims to give enterprises access to over 200 million contacts worldwide with all data managed through one robust platform.


... “TMMData’s platform, paired with Synthio’s accurate contact data, creates a dynamic, powerful partnership that synthesizes our respective strengths and enables us to provide the best data possible to end users,” said, Aaron Biddar, CEO, Synthio. “We look forward to providing their users with the most accurate contact data to use with the multiple APIs TMMData provides.”

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When the IT Department Says “Impossible”: A Guide for Working With your IT Department to Wrangle Data

August 15, 2017 | MoneyInc


As a former IT guy, myself – I’ve held positions as a systems administrator, a software engineer and a webmaster – I have a good deal of sympathy for the often overworked and undersupported teams who help keep companies’ digital infrastructure running smoothly and securely. At the same time, a solid percentage of my work these days is spent helping marketing and business-side workers maneuver around reluctant IT and engineering departments to complete the basic data analysis that drives business strategy and decision-making.


...Once you’ve proven something is not impossible, you’d be surprised to see how quickly everyone will be offering solutions.


...Bob Selfridge is the CEO and founder of TMMData, a data integration and preparation software company. He has nearly two decades of experience developing software, engineering and managing IT systems, maintaining data security and integrating information infrastructures in a number of organizations spanning industries including academia, defense contracting, healthcare, telecommunications and financial services.

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TMMData Collaborates with Adobe to Deliver Data Integration and Automation Solutions to Adobe Analytics Cloud Users

August 10, 2017 | EContent Magazine


TMMData, a creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation, has announced its advancement to Business partner within the Adobe Exchange partner program for Adobe Experience Cloud. This relationship will provide joint TMMData and Adobe Analytics Cloud users with access to self-service resources and tools that enable them to access data from on- and offline sources, and cloud or on-premises databases, and automate campaign setup for planning, management, evaluation, optimization, and more.


TMMData says the Foundation platform provides seamless connections from nearly any data source, eliminates repetitive campaign classification tasks, and automates direct data uploads to critical tools, such as Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager within Adobe Analytics Cloud, in addition to an extensive range of analysis and visualization platforms. In addition, TMMData’s Foundation platform allows marketers to blend data from across the organization - including sales, call center, and product databases - to build robust segments, improve audience targeting, and inform engagement strategies.


As a result, Foundation’s tools enable marketing teams to evaluate the effectiveness of all their internal and external, online and offline investments by centralizing valuable business data and standardizing cross-channel campaign taxonomy, governance, and reporting.

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How TMMData and Bitly Help Customers Integrate & Enrich Their Data

July 24, 2017 | Bitly Blog


Data is the most critical, most hyped, and most overwhelming business asset today. 


 ...This intersection of data potential and data use is where TMMData comes into play. A software platform for data integration, preparation, and management, TMMData empowers customers to solve these important data challenges.


...TMMData has been offering seamless connectivity to the Bitly API for six years. As a flexible, platform-agnostic tool, Bitly works with the TMMData Foundation platform to integrate our joint clients’ data into dashboards from Tableau, Domo, Adobe, and others.


And that’s really what TMMData helps customers do – activate the potential of all their data, without having to change their workflows or build a whole new system.

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