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Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018): Martech 5000 (actually 6,829)

April 24, 2018 | ChiefMartec


Like the running of the bulls in Pamplona — an apt simile? — it’s become a yearly tradition for me to release the marketing technology landscape at the MarTech conference in the spring. So here at our event in San Jose today, I’m pleased to unveil the 2018 edition of one of the most loved-and-hated slides in marketing:


Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018) — 4.6MB Slide


I’ve kept the nickname of the Martech 5000 — it has a certain ring to it — but this year’s graphic actually charts 6,829 marketing technology solutions from 6,242 unique marketing technology vendors.



Martech 2018 Landscape: iPaaS


The thriving category of iPaaS (integration-platform-as-a-service) solutions on the martech landscape is a testament to the immense demand for orchestrating all of these different components, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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TMMData Announces Deep Integration with Adobe Cloud Platform

March 29, 2018 | MarTech Series


... TMMData announced its integration with Adobe Cloud Platform, developed in collaboration with Adobe’s platform product team.


Adobe selected TMMData, a premier flexible data integration and preparation platform, to integrate with its Adobe Cloud Platform due to its deep expertise in developing data integration solutions for the past ten years. The integration with Adobe Cloud Platform provides bi-directional Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) integration services, providing marketers with the ability to seamlessly move data between Adobe Cloud Platform, on- and offline sources, and cloud or on-premises databases.


“TMMData has a strong track record of helping brands with a smooth data connection.They were an obvious partner to collaborate with early on this initiative. We’re excited to have TMMData involved in Adobe Cloud Platform and look forward to continuing our work with them in 2018,” said Jim Rivera, Senior Director Product Management, Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Adobe unveils common data approach to build better experience profiles

March 28, 2018 | CMO from IDG


Martech vendor also announces new customisable AI algorithms and integrations between Ad Cloud and Creative Cloud


Creating a common data language to build a single customer experience record, customisable AI modelling and integration between creative assets and media targeting, are among the major product enhancements announced by Adobe at this year’s digital marketing summit.


The Experience Cloud vendor has taken the wrappers off a new Experience Profile across Adobe Cloud, the underlying platform that supports its offerings such as Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. This ‘experience record’ is being supported by several new data services that the vendor said will allow users to create a unified profile of their customers in real time, in order to target them more effectively.


...On top of this, Adobe has launched I/O Runtime, a new server-less platform to run custom code on the Adobe Cloud platform. According to Crnkovich, this ensure code runs closer to customer data, and reduces the time to deploy the technologies as there’s no service set-up and maintenance required.


There are also a number of fresh partner integrations in the Adobe Exchange marketplace including with Hootsuite, Microsoft, Observepoint, Branch, ElasticPath, TMMData, Digital River, Informatica and Infogroup.

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Adobe Announces New Partner Integrations at Summit 2018

March 27, 2018 | Martech Advisor


At Adobe Summit, Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced major advances to its global partner ecosystem, which now includes more than 5,000 agencies, systems integrators, and technology partners. The company also announced new partner integrations, 40 new Adobe Cloud Platform Launch partner extensions and several additions to its Adobe Exchange marketplace—its central hub for brands to access third-party applications across Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud.


In order to deliver the best possible customer experiences in today’s data-rich, high content-velocity world, enterprises need a robust platform that supports their existing systems yet provides pre-built and custom integrations. Adobe Cloud Platform connects enterprise systems that are critical to delivering a unified and complete customer experience and enables developers to create new integrations. At Adobe Summit, Adobe showcased hundreds of these applications that help customers solve key business challenges, including best-in-class Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) options, integrating commerce and social media insights and combining online and offline data. 


...The Adobe Exchange marketplace applications allow brands to:

  • ETL and Validate Data: Access, blend, transform and enrich data from critical sources with data integration and data preparation partners like Informatica, SnapLogic, TMMData and Unifi Software.
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TMMData Recognized in Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation

February 22, 2018 | MarketWatch from DowJones


...According to Gartner, "business is demanding faster time to insight than ever before to remain competitive, particularly as more industries are facing digital disruption. As a result, analytics is becoming more pervasive across the enterprise and those insights are being derived from larger numbers of diverse data sources, both internal and external to the enterprise, with varying degrees of trustworthiness."


"TMMData strives to provide our customers with technology that makes data prep and analysis accessible to users of all technical abilities, and we're constantly evolving our platform to meet the data needs of enterprises of all sizes and industries," said TMMData CEO Bob Selfridge.


"We see being recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for Data Preparation as a testament to the Foundation platform's ability to make secure, sophisticated data prep – at any scale – simple and seamless in driving insightful business decisions."


Download a complimentary copy of the full report here.

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