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Solutions Review Unveils New Data Integration Buyer’s Guide

February 4, 2019 | Solutions Review

Solutions Review is proud to release an all new resource for comparing data integration software, the Data Integration Buyer’s Guide. Solutions Review has developed this buyer’s guide to assist buyers in search of the best possible tool to fit the needs of their organization. This resource features 10 important questions to ask during the buying process, and full, one-page vendor profiles that provide a solution overview, three key features, contact information and our own ‘Bottom Line’ analysis.


...As data volumes grow, we expect to see a continued push by providers in this space to adopt core capabilities of horizontal technology sectors. Organizations are keen on adopting these changes as well, and continue to allocate resources toward the providers that can not only connect data lakes and Hadoop to their analytic frameworks, but cleanse, prepare, and govern data. The next-generation of tools will offer a variety of ways for enterprises to split the demands of integration so that they may integrate data, applications, and business processes with partners and growing customer bases.

From the Guide:

TMMData Bottom Line: TMMData offers a web-based platform for doing data integration and preparation. The Foundation Platform also provides capabilities we normally consider key tenets of software in horizontal markets, such as data management platforms. The product features high-performance, pre-built connectors that make it easy to integrate centralized data from database systems and big data sources like Hadoop, BigQuery and MongoDB as well. Solutions Review recently named TMMData a 2019 Data Integration Tools Vendor to Watch.

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Why Companies Fail To Convert Data Into Dollars

December 29, 2018 | Forbes

Leveraging data to drive better decisions is a top priority for most companies. Yet, few companies are doing this well. To better understand the challenges and barriers that companies face, the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) partnered with TMMData to survey more than 800 digital analytics professionals. What follows are some highlights from their research.


... Only 13% of analysts are able to access the data that they need immediately. More than a quarter indicate that it often takes 2 weeks or more to access the data. TMMData Chief Marketing Officer Darren Wagner explained, “Despite the growing technologies in the industry, organizations – large and small – still struggle with gaining quick access to data due to incompatible BI tools, data integration challenges and corporate red tape.”


Only 3% of analysts believed that the data they used on a regular basis was of “excellent” quality. Half believed it was “okay,” “fair,” or “poor,” reinforcing the challenge that experts are facing with regard to data quality. “It’s unfortunate that so many analysts can’t trust their data. To improve, organizations need a solid data governance infrastructure, the right tools and buy in from the top and bottom,” Wagner said. “Otherwise, we’ll likely see disparities in data quality persist, and dated, siloed and disjointed data will continue to drive business decisions.”

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Better Together: How To Benefit from a Network of Technology Partners

December 14, 2018 | Adobe Blog

Enterprise Holdings — the parent company of Alamo, Enterprise, and National car rental services — often has more than 1 million unique marketing codes in circulation. With so many data points from a variety of siloed marketers, they are challenged to create a single source of truth to understand the impact marketing campaigns have on the company as a whole.


... Enterprise Holdings needed a holistic understanding of the impact of marketing campaigns and a comprehensive customer view. TMMData, a premier data integration, preparation, and management software provider was the right Adobe technology partner for them. TMMData’s solution easily integrated with Adobe Analytics to help Enterprise Holdings decentralize campaign tracking setup and centralize analysis and insight generation.


With this customization in place, Enterprise Holdings can now collect, cleanse, standardize, and align their data, so diverse data points can be analyzed and understood. Within 12 months, 21 million codes had been standardized and were being tracked in Analytics.

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4 Data Integration Tools Vendors to Watch in 2019

December 5, 2018 | Solutions Review

The evolving core of capabilities unique to modern data integration tools doesn’t lessen the importance of them. On the contrary, it may mean that they are now more important than ever, it’s just that the ways in which we’ve traditionally viewed them is becoming antiquated.


... TMMData‘s Foundation platform for data integration, preparation, and management can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or as a hybrid model. The tool allows for self-service data integration, transformation, and delivery via direct  inputs from online/offline and internal/external sources. Users can also schedule automated cleansing and transformation processes. TMMData was named a representative provider Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Data Preparation.

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TMMData Announces New Marketing Campaign Tracking Capabilities in Its Platform

August 16, 2018 | Markets Insider


...TMMData, creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation,  today announced the launch of new "batch entry forms" as part of its suite of self-service data blending tools. This release enhances the platform's data workflow capabilities so digital marketing and analytics teams can better scale their campaign management process with automation.


The new batch forms tool enhances TMMData's powerful Master Campaign Management solutions, expanding application for the form-based data entry and integration tools used by numerous Fortune 100 companies to manage and govern their marketing campaign tracking and analytics efforts.


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