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Words of Data Wisdom from our Comcast clients at Web Analytics Wednesday

September 29, 2017

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In case you didn’t know, free food, cocktails, and data go really well together. Don’t believe us? Then you should’ve been at the latest Web Analytics Wednesday (aka WAW) event in Philadelphia. The series of events are made possible by local and national companies, and the latest was sponsored by TMMData.


WAW is a free event for members of the Philly analytics community to hang out, network, and learn from one another’s experiences. The latest WAW featured two speakers we invited to share learnings and advice from the Comcast Digital Center of Excellence – Jim Manley, who is senior manager of Digital Search Analytics and Mat Levin, a senior analyst of Web Strategy and Analytics.


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We happen to know Jim and Mat very well -- they’re enthusiastic users of TMMData’s platform, they’ve worked with our teams and tools in connecting data sources to tackle some big projects and big questions, and they’re almost as excited as we are about using data and analysis to reveal the most comprehensive picture of marketing and operations. We’ve been along for an exciting ride with them as their desire to push the boundaries of data analysis has allowed us to push the capabilities of the Foundation platform. So we were thrilled to hear Jim and Mat share their tips for navigating and managing their many data sources as they’ve pioneered marketing attribution and website optimization for


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Without question, there’s a lot of great content that comes from data enthusiasts and analysts hanging out together. And thanks to Jim and Mat sharing their experiences from the frontline, the crowd got some great bits of data wisdom. Here are a few of our favorites. If you know anything about TMMData, you know they’re also words we live by:


  • Get the full picture: As Jim shared, “If it doesn’t exist in the system, it doesn’t exist.” Want to see the full journey your customers take? Then you need all the data that contributes to telling that story. This means online data and offline data, like call center phone logs. Often these different data sources are hard to pull together – but that’s why Jim takes advantage of the data prep and integration capabilities of the Foundation platform, for a seamless and less time-intensive solution.


  • Care about your data: Talk about a no-brainer for us data folks at TMMData. But Jim took some time to reiterate how crucial it is for analysts to take ownership of their data sources. “No one cares about your data as much as you,” he shared. And in the end, the quality of your analysis relies on the quality of your data.


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  • Got taxonomy? You’ve heard us say it before, and at WAW, Mat said it again. Clean, reliable data sources rely on a data governance and taxonomy system that everyone follows, so that all data across the organization speaks the same language. This means tagging things properly and consistently, and avoiding departmental data siloes. Foundation comes in handy for this, as our data prep tools can help standardize and automate taxonomy processes to minimize errors and enable efficiency.


  • Get buy in: On a similar note, Mat reminded the crowd that organizational data processes will only succeed with buy-in from executive-level leadership. We all know the incredible value of quality data in producing reliable and accurate analyses, informing crucial business decisions and so much more. So make sure leadership knows too.


  • Talk to other data people: Perhaps the greatest take away from WAW was the power of a bunch of data and analytics enthusiasts getting together and exploring possibilities, strategies and tactics – and free drinks definitely encourage some great casual dialogue! WAW was a great reminder to take the time to explore our data experiences across industries, expertise and interests.


We had a great time at WAW but the conversations don’t have to be limited to Wednesdays. Want to keep the data talk going? Contact us anytime and we’d love to chat through your data needs.


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