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When Do Analysts Actually Have a Chance to Do Any Analysis?

November 7, 2017

44% of analytics managers teams' spend half their time on data prep


That’s the question we’ve been asking after wrapping up our recent research project with the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). Why? Because according to the survey we conducted in partnership with the DAA, nearly 40 percent of data professionals spend half of their time prepping data rather than analyzing it, and 44 percent of managers said the same for the data analytics teams they lead.


As you might recall, the benchmarking survey kicked off this summer in an effort to hear what members of the DAA community, comprised of C-Suite leadership, analysts and other data professionals, have to say about their data priorities and challenges. And this week, the results are in!




Ultimately, our findings show that data housekeeping, rather than analysis, is consuming many analysts’ work weeks, and in particular, data-driven organizations are facing productivity challenges when it comes to data access, integration and governance. Three in five data professionals surveyed said that it takes days or weeks to access their data, and 48 percent question their data’s accuracy. Further, 70 percent reported that they have had to take it upon themselves to learn specialized programming languages to help them access or prep data.


And while shining a light on the common, yet foundational challenges that plague data professionals, the online survey of more than 800 professionals also noted the industry’s investment in making improvements, finding that nearly a third of respondents are planning or researching a formalized data governance program. In addition, 39 percent said data integration is a top investment priority for the upcoming year.


For the DAA and our TMMData team, we don’t think the results could have been more illuminating. And together, they’ve confirmed what we already knew about the importance of continuing to tackle these daily work barriers and identify efficiency-driven solutions for the data professionals we work to support every day through our self-service data integration and data prep tools.


Interested in digging deeper into our findings? Be sure to read our whitepaper and download our infographic. And if your team is losing time to manual data prep like the ones we surveyed, we’d love to talk to you about our data blending automation solutions.


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