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#VegasStrong at Tableau Conference 2017

October 20, 2017

Tableau Conference 2017 #Data17Donates Results


Our conference road trip continues, and this time we joined 15,000 other data enthusiasts in Las Vegas for Tableau Conference 2017. As a returning sponsor, we’ve grown to learn that the power of this data community isn’t just in its numbers, and this year’s event was proof of just that – in more ways than one.


For starters, the conference kicked things off with its #Data17Donates fundraiser for the National Compassion Fund, which benefitted the victims and families of the tragic Las Vegas shooting. We had the privilege to participate in the program’s sponsor matching program, and together with attendees, the effort raised more than $120,000 during conference week.


And while the data community saluted #VegasStrong, TC17 also saw no absence of the sheer enthusiasm, innovation, and insights that keep many of us coming back. This year, the hot topic was quite familiar to our team: integration, integration, integration. With data users taking advantage of more tools and seeking to manage more and more data, it seems like the talk of data prep is STILL in the air. Just as TC16 revealed Project Maestro, Tableau’s beta-stage data preparation and integration for in- platform analysis, TC17 saw the unveiling of Hyper beta, which promises to bring faster data refreshes and queries through enhanced data integration, blending, and more.


Not only are we jazzed to see the pain points of data prep once again at the center of attention, we’re also thrilled to know we’re part of a tried and true solution, as a data-agnostic platform that has been helping data users access, blend, transform, and enrich data to inform their decision-making for nearly a decade. We spent much of TC17 keeping this very conversation going – sharing our years of expertise and experience in tackling the struggles of reliable data integration, offering solutions for maintaining data quality, and presenting demos to showcase Foundation’s seamless ability to connect and play well not only with Tableau, but a host of other BI tools and analysis platforms alike.


In the end, the opportunity to engage with this rich community is what we’ve grown to love most about Tableau Conference. TC17 was proof that whether we were talking tech or connecting with compassion, Tableau Conference is an opportunity to collaborate with a powerful group of passionate, professional and innovative thinkers who continue to make differences in the data world, and beyond. And it’s why it’s always an honor to call this community one of our own.


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