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TMMData and Synthio Have Partnered to Provide Triple-Validated Contact Data

November 28, 2017

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It should go without saying that having access to clean, comprehensive data resources is critical for conducting reliable analyses for developing successful business strategies. But as we talk to analytics teams at some of the largest organizations around the country, we’ve found that data integration remains a persistent challenge for many of them. Compounding data access issues is the ongoing proliferation of new data sources, a situation that ensures any enterprise integration project is out-of-date almost as soon as it’s begun.


This rapidly changing data landscape is one of the reasons we’re committed to establishing partnerships with leading data providers from across the industry. And our newest technology partnership with the data-as-a-service provider, Synthio, is a great example of how we’re partnering to expand our list of pre-built connectors in the Foundation platform to provide users with seamless access to data sources that help them expand their perspective and improve their work.


Synthio's data-as-a-service platform provides marketing and sales professionals with a global contact database that can enrich their existing organizational data, supply them with new contacts, and deliver information to enhance their account based marketing strategy. As a result of the partnership, Foundation users have access to additional rich supplemental data they can easily blend with data from their other applications and sources, and then analyze using best-in-class business intelligence and analytics tools.


Read more about our partnership in the announcement that recently appeared in MarTech Series.


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