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TMMData & Adobe Customer Story: How Enterprise Holdings Is Bridging Marketing Data Silos for Better Results

June 27, 2018


Hear how car rental giant Enterprise Holdings Inc. has transformed its global marketing campaign governance processes for better analytics, attribution, and reporting with TMMData’s Foundation Platform and the Adobe Experience Cloud.




TMMData's client, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., and partner, Adobe, describe how managing campaign tracking data and automating setup processes in TMMData's platform is providing their global digital marketing team and advertising agencies with critical insights about their marketing performance.


"Bringing TMMData into our environment has really freed our analytics resources from the tactical tasks, and allowed them to think strategically - to spend more time doing more broad, cross channel attribution analysis of our marketing efforts."

-Chris Simpson, Marketing Technology Manager, Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings worked with TMMData to ensure data governance and standardization across marketing campaigns. TMMData collects the data and metadata created by the marketing tags and automatically cleans up the data, standardizes it, ensures alignment, and then feeds it seamlessly into Adobe Analytics for better reporting and analysis.

“TMMData has been working with Adobe in the Experience Cloud for a very long time. They are experts in taking data from disparate systems, bringing that data together, making that data normalized, cleansing that data, and then delivering that data into the Adobe Cloud Platform to make it actionable for our customers.”

- Cody Crnkovich, Head of Platform Partners & Strategy, Adobe

If marketing data access, governance, automation, or attribution challenges sound familiar, let us know. We'd love to tell you more about the Master Campaign Management solutions we provide to marketing teams!



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