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Signs Your Marketing Campaign Management Process Needs TMMData’s Form Tool

August 15, 2017

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“I need that!” It’s the phrase we’ve grown accustomed to hearing at marketing conferences, trade shows, and beyond when professionals – and Adobe Analytics users in particular – learn about our Form tool, a marketer’s right hand for seamless campaign tracking setup and automation.


Why do so many people need help with campaign tracking process and automation so badly? Because preparing tracking codes and tracking URLs for classification data is a clunky and time-sapping manual process. And we’ve found you don’t have to talk with marketers very long to understand their challenges. Maybe you’ve experienced one of these frustrating scenarios, too:


The “Our Million Dollar Campaign is Tracked Using One Offline Spreadsheet” Scenario – For many organizations, tracking code and URL creation is managed by one person holding, updating, and managing one offline spreadsheet manually. Anytime a member of a marketing or content team needs a tracking URL for a new campaign or piece of content, they’re forced to wait for this single, often overwhelmed individual to process their request just to obtain a link.


A slightly more advanced version of this problem, often faced by Adobe Analytics users, is when campaign tracking setup is jointly managed through massive lookup tables and Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets that are being passed back and forth across an organization. For some of our clients, this process had previously required them to follow ten to fifteen or more detailed steps to correctly prepare codes and definitions for every new campaign they launched.


These manual processes, which result in significant wasted time, inefficiencies, and delays, can end up offsetting benefits of the rich data marketers seek to gain with robust campaign tracking. Especially if individuals get so fed up with the inconvenience that they take shortcuts or even abandon the process altogether!


The “Oops, Did I Do That?” Scenario – On a related note, relying on manual processes for campaign tracking, or any kind of data entry, can often result in human errors that affect the integrity of data, causing teams to enter incorrect or incomplete information. Naturally, holes and errors in data can mean major gaps in understanding and evaluating the results of a campaign.


Teams often see using spreadsheets an attractive choice when initiating a campaign management process because of their flexibility and minimal time to create. Unfortunately, that same flexibility can create dreadful situations for marketers upon analysis when typos, missed tagging opportunities, and copy/paste mistakes begin to cause downstream issues.


The good news is with some forward thinking, automation, and enhanced validation, TMMData’s Form tool can nearly eliminate these data entry concerns. And Adobe Analytics users can even use our tool to fix some of the historic “bad data” since it will allow clean-up after-the-fact!


The “Am I Really Getting the Whole Picture?” Scenario - Marketers often wonder if they’re really seeing the whole picture when analyzing campaign performance. If URLs are inconsistently formatted or incorrectly tagged, it’s hard to know what data can be trusted to inform future tactics or evaluate the ROI for an organization’s broad marketing efforts.


What are the chances vendors, agencies, departments, and countless other individuals working for or within an enterprise will align their marketing efforts, language, taxonomy or KPIs without serious coordination? Unlikely!


With tools and processes built to balance an organization’s many quality and efficiency needs, it is relatively simple to provide a roadmap for generating appropriate granular data that enables a top-notch and trusted reporting engine. But organizations need to develop a reporting framework, mandate protocols for generating data, and provide appropriate tools to make the process of tracking marketing a painless one with optimized use of advanced analytics tools.


Fortunately, TMMData’s Foundation platform and its Form tool are the perfect solution in any of these situations, saving time and ensuring data integrity for accurate analysis. The Form tool automates typically manual data processes and greatly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring seamless integration and blending of your data with other sources for reliable, consistent analysis for multi-channel reporting.


How? Through flexible Forms built to match an organization’s specialized taxonomy, the tool’s easy-to-use individualized Forms generate and deliver immediate access to the breadth of data, unique IDs and URLs both tagged and shortened to ensure that the resulting campaign data is aligned. For Adobe Analytics users, the Foundation platform automatically loads classification data directly into Adobe Analytics, so the data submitted in Form is automatically available within Adobe Analytics. Team members no longer have to create and handle manual file uploads, downloads, or requests for tracking items.


Form allows anyone in the organization to create codes in a centralized, cloud-based repository, which can be accessed anywhere, from any device – not only enabling them to contribute to an even larger collection of data, but to also pull existing URLs and tags from the database. Further, through Foundation’s configurable permissions and user profiles, data entry Forms follow organizationally prescribed pattern rules and requirements, keeping data governance at the forefront.


With Form, you’ll no longer spend hours (or days) waiting for a tracking URL or question whether your campaign insights are based on appropriate data, thanks to the tool’s ability to consistently follow your established data governance and organizational taxonomy.


And In the end, we won’t be surprised if after reading this post, you’re saying, “I need that, too.”


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