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Six Data Preparation Tasks You Thought Only Programmers Could Handle

December 18, 2017

In this day and age, shouldn’t data users of all technical skill levels have the tools to easily reformat data sets, rename data fields, filter out content, or compute functions without having to rely on outside teams for help? We think so, and it’s why we developed the Prep tool for self-service data preparation.

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TMMData and Synthio Have Partnered to Provide Triple-Validated Contact Data

November 28, 2017
Our newest technology partnership with the data-as-a-service provider, Synthio, is a great example of how we’re partnering to expand our list of pre-built connectors in the Foundation platform to provide users with seamless access to data sources that help them expand their perspective and improve their work.
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When Do Analysts Actually Have a Chance to Do Any Analysis?

November 7, 2017
Our new survey research, conducted in partnership with the Digital Analytics Association, found that nearly 40% of data professionals spend half of their time prepping data rather than analyzing it, and 44% of managers said the same for the data analytics teams they lead.
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Let My Data Go: How TMMData’s Flow Enables Seamless Data Delivery

October 30, 2017
With our Flow tool, your data process no longer consists of begging vendors to release your data to you, or hours of painful, manual data reformatting, cleansing, or integration. From analytics platforms like Adobe Analytics, to your BI and visualization tools like Looker and Tableau, and your internal and cloud-based data sources: Your data goes wherever you want it to go, in the format you need to make it operational.
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#VegasStrong at Tableau Conference 2017

October 20, 2017
Our conference road trip continues, and this time we joined 15,000 other data enthusiasts in the Las Vegas for Tableau Conference 2017. As a returning sponsor, we’ve grown to learn that the power of this data community isn’t just in its numbers, and this year’s event was proof of just that – in more ways than one.
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