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Making Digital Moves With AMA:  TMMData at the American Marketing Association Annual Conference

September 18, 2017

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Darren Wagner, TMMData CMO


As you know, we’re on the road this fall headed to conferences, meetings and more to talk all things data. One of our recent stops was in Las Vegas at the 2017 American Marketing Association Conference, which happened to be particularly exciting for me – and not just because the event was in Vegas. As a long-time AMA member and former adjunct marketing professor at Penn State, I truly value organizations that prioritize learning, and AMA is one such place that offers resources in solidifying foundational marketing skillsets and exploring advances in the industry.


The conference captured a number of elements of the marketing industry, with resources and solutions for brand marketing, traditional advertising, design, and more. But I was most captured by the attention given to digital marketing, as this year’s event hosted a one-day bootcamp to equip attendees with an immersive dive into digital strategy.


As the CMO at TMMData, my excitement for how marketing is being implemented digitally is natural. Helping marketers develop a solid footing in understanding the digital realm’s possibilities is not only a necessity in today’s marketing landscape, it’s vital to the continuing evolution of marketing practices. And, of course, data plays a foundational role in those advancements.


Most marketers know the importance of data and the wealth of insights it can reveal about customers and their journeys, but improving their access to data, developing sophisticated analyses, using data to personalize marketing content and, even further, automating this data in real time – that’s where the magic happens. At TMMData, we happen to care A LOT about enriching the data that organizations need to inform their marketing and business decisions, and we’re excited that our premier tools are part of advancing the marketing industry and solving data challenges.


In fact, we spent much of the conference speaking to marketing professionals from many industries about just that. From students interested in how to start their careers, to seasoned professionals looking to take on the forefront of technology, we shared how TMMData’s Foundation platform can access, blend, and transform data from all of an organization’s critical sources to reveal the customer journeys, campaign progress, and a range of other marketing insights that many professionals struggle to seamlessly capture.


In the end, we couldn’t ask for a whole lot more – making connections, moments of learning, and keeping an eye on the future of marketing. After a great event in Las Vegas, and with so many rich conversations exploring the ways data continues to power the industry, we really hope that what happened here doesn’t stay here.


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