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Let My Data Go: How TMMData’s Flow Enables Seamless Data Delivery

October 30, 2017

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Perhaps you’ve been there: Your team decides to incorporate new data sources into your analysis mix, and just as you’re eagerly ready to pull your information into a BI or data visualization tool, you realize you actually have no easy way to access, reformat, and/or automate that data import in the first place. Why? Because your data is “stuck” in your social media and podcast reporting tools, analytics platforms, or even your internal data warehouse systems. In some cases, data’s locked away in a vault *ahem* cloud with no seamless way to automate the delivery of its outputs to other sources. In other cases, simple outputs are possible, but only in the tool or platform’s unique and preferred formats. 


So now what? For some teams, this is where the story ends, and producing reports involves a lot of clicking back and forth between different tools’ dashboards, or even worse, as a series of dashboard screenshots gathered in a PowerPoint slide deck. Others seek help from their platform or software’s customer support teams to try to get their data out, to no avail. And other teams spend countless hours manually reformatting data from one platform download and prepping it for input into another platform.


Unfortunately, this situation is not unique. And that’s why the Flow tool is a vital part of TMMData’s Foundation platform. Flow allows data users at various technical skill levels to connect to, cleanse, and distribute data to and from cloud applications, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and more, without risking data quality, integrity, or security. And by equipping users with one reliable data source and hundreds of pre-built connectors, Flow’s self-service interface makes it easy to schedule or set triggers to easily launch automated outputs to any critical platform or tool.


Here’s how Flow can free your data and get it to the places you need:


  • Deliver data to storage and databases: After integrating, cleansing, and storing data, Flow can push your data out to your cloud applications, databases, and file services for staff to use in their preferred analysis or reporting tools.


  • Respond to requests from your preferred BI tools and more: Flow uses Foundation’s API to enable BI and analytics tools and even websites to pull your blended, transformed data directly out of Flow via the built-in data warehouse (known as File) and into other tools in whatever format needed.


  • Enable an ongoing, live conversation between sources: Flow enables users to send data back and forth using API tools for a seamless ongoing integration and exchange of data. Users can interact with the data live, querying, inserting, and removing data, among a host of other actions and business processes.


It’s really that simple. With Flow, your data process no longer consists of begging vendors to release your data to you, or hours of painful, manual data reformatting, cleansing, or integration. From analytics platforms like Adobe Analytics, to your BI and visualization tools like Looker and Tableau, and your internal and cloud-based data sources: Your data goes wherever you want it to go, in the format you need to make it operational.


Think your data needs TMMData’s help? Contact us to request a demo and see Flow in action.


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