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How TMMData's Year of Connecting and Collaboration Made for a Rewarding 2017

December 28, 2017

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At TMMData, we’ve always understood the power of connecting with others, and that was especially true in 2017. Whether we were partnering with other organizations, engaging our users, or collaborating with the tech community, this year our relationships pushed us to new heights in our reach, impact, and contributions to the data industry and beyond. So, take a walk with us down memory lane to find out how:


Connecting to user needs
This spring, we released major UX enhancements to our platform, Foundation, in response to user needs and feedback. The single-screen interface features a range of tools, allowing data users of any technical ability can access, integrate, blend, transform, visualize, and prep data without flipping between screens. 


Together, Flow, Form, Prep, Base, Visualize, and hundreds of pre-built connectors are helping marketers, data analysts, programmers, and any other data users quickly and efficiently gain access to a complete view of their data using sophisticated, yet intuitive processes. Making its mark as a valuable resource, the platform’s Prep tool was even profiled in Gartner’s newly released 2017 Market Guide for Data Preparation.


Connecting throughout the industry
In 2017, we worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, forging new partnerships that magnify the impact and utility of our Foundation platform. Through a partnership with Bitly, our clients can now easily access Bitly data using our pre-built connectors. And our partnership with Adobe is helping better equip Adobe Analytics Cloud users with tools for data integration, automated campaign setup, and more. These partnerships are just the beginning, as our relationships with Observepoint, Salesforce, Synthio, Snowflake, and others allow users to multiply the value of their technology and data infrastructure investments.


Connecting for good
Who would imagine data could make an impact on refugees thousands of miles away? This year, we helped make sure that it did. Through a unique connection with one of TMMData’s very own developers, we had the opportunity to provide pro bono backend web support to Miles4Migrants, a nonprofit organization that distributes frequent flyer miles and funds to help relocate refugees and their families throughout the world. Helping automate the processing of the donations, our Form tool was put to work to capture and integrate data from payment systems, frequent flyer mile partner systems, and monetary donations – all to power a meaningful cause.


And, the opportunity to give back didn’t stop there. We joined thousands of data users and visualization experts at the 2017 Tableau Conference to raise more than $120,000 to benefit the Las Vegas community – making 2017 a year where we saw data make a difference.


Connecting at home
After reaching out to partners and communities outside our doors, we also took some time to enrich our community right here at TMMData. Still headquartered in our hometown Philipsburg, we moved to a new office, allowing for more room for growth and the extra space to facilitate cross-team collaboration to deliver even more of the data offerings you need.


We’ve also connected with members of the data community in our area by sponsoring events like Web Analytics Wednesday in Philadelphia, where analytics enthusiasts came to hang out, network, and glean knowledge from the experiences of our platform users at Comcast.

It seems everything we touched this year demonstrated the value of building from our connections. Our efforts to make data experiences better, impact the world around us, build with technology partners, and enrich our own team, were all bolstered by collaboration and engagement with great teams and people, to whom we extend our warmest gratitude.


And to those interested in connecting with us in the future, we look forward to speaking with you in 2018!


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