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How TMMData and Bitly Help Customers Integrate & Enrich Their Data

July 24, 2017 | Bitly Blog


Data is the most critical, most hyped, and most overwhelming business asset today. 


 ...This intersection of data potential and data use is where TMMData comes into play. A software platform for data integration, preparation, and management, TMMData empowers customers to solve these important data challenges.


...TMMData has been offering seamless connectivity to the Bitly API for six years. As a flexible, platform-agnostic tool, Bitly works with the TMMData Foundation platform to integrate our joint clients’ data into dashboards from Tableau, Domo, Adobe, and others.


And that’s really what TMMData helps customers do – activate the potential of all their data, without having to change their workflows or build a whole new system.

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TMMData Foundation Platform Unlocks Data Management for Business Users with One-Stop Self-Service Interface

May 3, 2017 | TDWI


TMMData, creator of flexible data integration and data preparation platform Foundation, has unveiled new single-screen views of its core data management functions that make self-service data access, blending, preparation, and visualization simple for business users. Foundation’s Flow, Fix, and Flare tools have been redesigned to allow any line-of-business user, from leadership to marketers to analysts, to seamlessly and quickly complete data manipulations in a single tool interface, democratizing data analysis across enterprises.


TMMData’s Foundation platform enables organizations, including Comcast, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the Pennsylvania State University, to address strategic data challenges and maximize organizational efficiency by automating the process of accessing, aggregating, enriching, and managing data from any source.

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TMMData Partners with ObservePoint to Bring Data Quality to Marketing

March 29, 2017 | CRM Magazine

The data integration software connects with tag auditing to help users assess and improve campaign performance.

TMMData, a provider of data integration, preparation, and management software, is partnering with data quality assurance platform provider ObservePoint to give companies more accurate marketing information and analysis through automated data verification, integration, and cleansing.

..."Digital marketing moves at a dizzying pace, with new landing pages, campaigns, and assets launching daily. Those assets gather tons of potentially useful data, but ObservePoint is committed to making sure they give you good data," said Adam Gilbert, ObservePoint's director of strategic partnerships, in a statement. "Our focus on automating quality checks to ensure you're basing decisions on trustworthy data aligns seamlessly with TMMData's mission. We're excited to continue bringing data quality to the forefront of the analytics conversation with TMMData."

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The Data Scene in 2017: More Cloud, Greater Governance, Higher Performance

January 3, 2017 | Database Trends and Applications

The past year was a blockbuster one for those working in the data space. Businesses have wrapped their fates around data analytics in an even tighter embrace as competition intensifies and the drive for greater innovation becomes a top priority.

The year ahead promises to get even more interesting, especially for data managers and professionals. Leading experts in the field have witnessed a number of data trends  emerge in 2016, and now see new developments coming into view for 2017.

...However, it’s going to take some time until enterprises embrace the full potential of machine learning. “Right now, machine learning is to the analytics field what big data was 5 years ago,” said Bob Selfridge, CEO and founder of TMMData. “Everyone wants it, but not everyone knows why they want it, or how to make it work for them.” Selfridge sees immediate potential in machine learning-driven modeling because it is “an incredibly powerful way to see the future, act in the present, and react to the past.” The success of this modeling, he added, depends on the “quality, completeness, taxonomy, and governance of data.” That’s why “machine learning is like a new family puppy: Everyone is excited to get it, but a lot of preparation is needed. You must continuously feed it, cleanup is always involved, and lack of training will end in some very unfortunate circumstances.”

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How to Wrangle Meaning from Internet of Things Data

October 1, 2016 | Network World

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to produce troves of valuable, fast moving, real-time data, offering insights that can change the way we engage with everyday objects and technologies, amplify our business acumen, and improve the efficiencies of the machines, large and small, wearable and walkable, that run our world.


But without careful, holistic forethought about how to manage a variety of data sources and types, businesses will not only miss out on critical insights, but fall behind the status quo. Here’s how to get prepared to wrangle and extract meaning from all of the data that’s headed your way...


...TMMData is a data integration and preparation software company.

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